Vizsla Training

How To Train Vizsla Dogs

It was once thought that Clifford the Big Red Dog was a vizsla until Scholastic said otherwise. The vizsla is a breed of dog originating from Hungary. Also known as Hungarian vizsla or Magyar vizsla, it is a medium-sized sporting dog and is one of the smallest pointer-retriever dogs. They are characterized by their long triangular drooping ears and their red nose that blends well with their coat. Because of their intelligence and gentle nature, it is easy to train vizsla dogs. The vizsla is a natural hunter with a great sense of smell. The breed is very protective of its owners and possessions. Because of these, they do not get along well with other animals. Here are some the things to think about when you train vizsla dogs: Firm hand and consistency - because they are natural hunters with an independent nature, vizslas need a...

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Vizsla Breed Information

All About Vizslas

Vizsla, pronounced Veesh-la, is a breed of dog that originated in Hungary. They are active and sporting dogs that serve as loyal companions. If you're looking for a dog...

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Vizsla Care

Basic Vizsla Care

The Vizsla dog, otherwise known as the Hungarian hunting dog, is a breed with muscular stature and a golden rust color. After World War II, these dogs were close to extinction but...

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Vizsla Puppies

Easy Vizsla Puppy Training

Vizsla puppies are the cutest tings you will ever see on this planet. They have big beady eyes and adorable faces that you would love to smother. But behind their cute beady...

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