Vizsla, pronounced Veesh-la, is a breed of dog that originated in Hungary. They are active and sporting dogs that serve as loyal companions. If you’re looking for a dog that you only have to bathe once every two years, the Vizsla is the dog for you. Cat-like in hygiene, the Vizsla doesnt have the odor that’s typical of other dogs, thus, is perfect for families who don’t like to exert much effort in dog maintenance. The Vizla is majestic looking, from the way it stands up to the way it sits. They are hailed as the quintessential royal dogs for centuries, and deemed as the aristocrats of the dog world. With their smooth coat and lean figure, they sometimes even look more like a well placed prop than a real dog.  Medium and size and lean in figure, the Vizsla is truly a sight to behold.


Vizslas are medium-sized dogs with average weight and height. Their size is very attractive to dog fanciers, and is actually one of their most defining characteristics. Males weigh 45-66 pounds and stand 22-25 inches tall. Females weight 40-55 pounds and stand 21 to 24 inches tall.

Coat Care

As mentioned above, Vizslas  require very little maintenance because they tend to keep clean. Their coats are self-cleaning, as it repels dirt and odors. However, Vizslas  still need minimal coat care. By rubbing a cloth on their coat once every day, you don’t have to give a Vizla a bath for at least five years. This is a dog that requires very little maintenance!

Family Life

Often referred to as Velcro dogs, Vizslas  are affections and loyal, with their idea of a good time always beside their masters. They quickly form lasting bonds with their owners, and even to the children of the household. Vizslas  are very energetic and most of the time intense, thus, they are better off with older kids than smaller ones.


Vizslas are very active dogs that will not do well when kept indoors all the time. They thrive in open space and love to run around as much as they can. They need lots of exercise, making them perfect for active families who like spending lots of time in the outdoors.


When taken care of properly, Vizslas  can live about 10 to 15 years. Vizslas  are considered to be robust dogs with no serious health problems, but they may be afflicted with hip dysplasia, canine epilepsy, and sebaceous adenitis, although these cases are very rare.


Vizslas needs lots and lots of exercise, therefore, they may not do well with owners who live a sedentary lifestyle. Vizslas  must be walked and allowed to run about once or twice a day. They need lots of activities off-leash. Vizslas  are also exceptional swimmers, so if you have an indoor swimming pool, dont hesitate to let your Vizslas  run a few laps.


Vizslas are bred to be natural hunters and thus, have an excellent ability to be trained. They love to please their masters, but patience is needed and lessons must be taught one at a time as to not confuse the dog.