You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out during Vizsla training how well the Vizsla dog responds. However, you will still have to take note of your dog’s needs and personality in order to get the best kind of results possible. As a breed, the Vizsla is known to be intelligent and sensitive. The training you will have to do, on the other hand, has to be based on positive reinforcement, praise, and attentiveness. Using a harsh voice or getting physical to correct an action will just stress your dog and inhibit success in training. If you’re successful, a Vizsla will be so properly trained that in can do well in an obedience competition.

In Vizsla training, early socialization is one of the most important phases you will have to go through. Before your little darling hits 12 weeks, you have to introduce it to as many other animals, people, social situations, and physical environments as possible. If a Vizsla is not properly socialized when young, it will grow up timid and easily startled and will have difficulty properly behaving around other pets or people.

You’ll realize during Vizsla training that while this dog breed is intelligent, it often matures slowly so you can expect to be doing housetraining longer than usual with several months involving crate training. Vizslas as puppies are fond of carrying around and chewing objects so investing in a box of chew toys may be a wise idea.

Make sure you have consistent and easy to understand rules and lots of positive reinforcement during Vizsla training. Make sure that you keep things interesting as well because Vizslas are very easily distracted and bored, most especially if you’re dealing with puppies. Whenever you teach new commands to your dog, try doing it in a relatively quiet place with very little distractions around so you will have your Vizsla’s full attention. Vizslas are eager to please so they like positive words from you, although they can also have the tendency to be self-willing and independent. If you really have to put some kind of negative reinforcement in place, a clicker would work fine.

For a lot of Vizsla owners, enrolling their dogs in obedience classes is the most cost-effective and time-saving means possible of training a Vizsla. If you want to turn over Vizsla training to the professionals, you can check out your options by checking with the local Vizsla club for some recommendations. Whenever possible, opt to sit in a training session before you actually enroll your dog so you know how a particular trainer works. You should also stay in touch with your dog’s breeder since the personality and habits of your dog’s parents will factor in the development of your dog. You can also do a little bit of some home studying by watching training videos for Vizslas.

Once you’re done with training, keep in mind that you always have to provide physical and mental stimulation for your Vizsla so it stays on its best behavior at all times. Not to mention that this really just ensures that your beloved pooch stays healthy and fit.