The Vizsla, also known as Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla, is a medium-sized sporting dog that originates from Hungary. Besides being a pet, the dog is also bred as a hunter for fowl and game. The Vizsla is a lean and muscular dog and is characterized by its reddish nose that blends well with its coat. The Vizsla is extremely loyal, gentle-mannered and highly affectionate. They only bark when they want something or when provoked.  Being a highly intelligent breed, it is easy for the owner to do Vizsla dog training.

Vizsla dog training is easy because Vizslas are very smart and easy to train. They are also eager to please. The Vizsla needs to be trained because they need to properly channel their energy from being a working dog. Start your Vizsla dog training when the dog is a little bit older than a puppy because puppies have short attention spans and get bored easily. Your training methods should not be harsh because they are sensitive dogs.

You should establish yourself as the pack leader or alpha during Vizsla dog training because Vizslas are pack animals and they usually follow and respect the leader of their pack. If a pecking order is not established, they will move themselves up the ladder to be the pack leader and if the dog does this, it might take you a bit more time in obedience training.

Housebreaking and crate training is one of the earliest dog training you should do. In doing housebreaking, you should designate a place in your yard where the dog can do bathroom duties. If accidents happen inside your house, do not get angry with your dog. Gently scold the dog and place it outside on the designated bathroom. If the dog willingly went to the bathroom and did bathroom duties there, do not forget to praise it. In crate training, allow your Vizsla to explore the space. You can put dog and chew toys so your dog can have something to play with. Always keep the crate clean. Keep the toys well into the dog’s adulthood because playing fetch with a Vizsla can be a fun activity for you and your dog, as well as exercise the dogs retrieving nature.

You should also socialize your dog early on. Expose the dog to other family members, neighbors and other animals. Let the dog experience new sights, sounds and smells. A properly socialized dog will not be aggressive to strangers. As with most dogs, Vizslas just want to please their masters and maintain a happy relationship with the, and with proper training and socialization, this can be achieved.