The Vizsla dog, otherwise known as the Hungarian hunting dog, is a breed with muscular stature and a golden rust color. After World War II, these dogs were close to extinction but fortunately, some of them were saved.

Because they are technically happy dogs, they enjoy the company of their owners, or just about anyone for that matter. Vizsla dogs are active so they need a lot of exercise to maintain and improve their stature. All in all, the key to making this breed a happy one is to shower them with lots of human affection.

Like most dogs, Vizsla care is important. It will determine how your dog will react to everything that goes on around him. Caring for your Vizsla does not just mean feeding them and providing for them all expensive toys, but also training them. Generally, teaching them the basics like socializing with people and other animals, potty training, obedience, and behavioral survival skills is vital.

Of course, one of the things that you have to focus on when it comes to Vizsla care is having it vaccinated upon getting the dog. Yearly vaccinations will also help it maintain its immunity to certain diseases. Worming your Vizsla every three months is one of the Vizsla care ways in which you can control the worms inside it. Plus, you might also want to check with your vet about some flea control products.

Vizsla care normally starts from establishing a regular feeding and walking routine for them. However, you should not practice doing both at the same time. It is important to let your Vizsla rest for a couple of hours before letting him out for a walk. This way, its food will be thoroughly digested.

The Vizsla dog is typically tall but it is considered as a lap dog. So you should understand that the attention that you will be giving to it will play a huge role in their development. They may be happy indoors but you should make sure that though they don’t go out much, they should get enough daily exercise. Walking and running your Vizsla once or twice a day will uplift his mood. They are an energetic breed so as much as you can, you should provide them activities that would require them to move around. Part of your Vizsla care could be training them to swim, to track and to retrieve because they are excellent swimmers.

Their body strength makes it easy for Vizslas to jump off fences so you should make sure that your backyard is properly fenced. Providing a fence higher than six feet will ensure you that your dog will not go anywhere.

As you are aware, Vizlas love company so expect to be with you at all times. They are known to be too attached to people and they need companionship all the time. Because of this, teaching them to socialize with other people will eliminate the risk of them getting easily distracted when you have guests around. Positive reinforcement is also an essential Vizsla care basic because these dogs are sensitive in nature.