Having a dog around in the house is a great thing. Dogs can be a persons best friend whom each person can rely on. One of the best breed of dogs one person can hope to raise and breed is the Vizsla. This type of dogs is known to be loyal, intelligent, affectionate, versatile, and protective. Its characteristics and nature make it a great household friend. This is also why Vizsla breeders enjoy breeding and taking care of them.

Vizsla dogs are first recognized as a hunting companion and partner. They are also known to be like the dogs you see from the earlier centuries accompanying gentlemen with a cape and a cane smoking a cigar. This breed of dogs may also be often associated with the elite or high class people from years back. Vizsla dogs were also at the brink of extinction because of the Second World War. It is a good thing though that they began arriving and are saved in the period of 1950s to 1960s.

In breeding this breed of dogs, Vizsla breeders should understand the basic information about Vizsla dogs. From the appearance to its temperament, breeders should fully know every little detail.

  • Appearance – Vizsla breeders should take note of the unique appearance of Vizsla dogs. The ideal size of the males should be between 22 to 24 inches and the ideal size of the females should be between 21 to 23 inches. The most distinctive feature of this breed of dogs is their color. The colors of their eyes, nose, nails, and short coat all match. Their colors usually range from brown to rust. It has a wedge shaped head and a muscular and strong body. The ears of the Vizsla are long and pointed.
  • Temperament – Despite their regal and aristocratic way of carrying themselves, Vizsla dogs are actually very active and playful. They are very friendly and protective. This breed of dogs is also easy to train. They need high levels of activity and socialization with people and other dogs. Vizsla dogs are affectionate towards their owners. This is why Vizsla breeders are fond of raising them.

If you are looking to breed Vizsla dogs, you must find the perfect match for your female. Take note of the appearance and temperament of your female in order to get successful breeding results. You should also consult a veterinarian to ensure the health and status of the parent dogs. Remember that a healthy Vizsla is best for breeding. Vizsla breeders will surely be rewarded because of the loving and protective nature of Vizsla dogs. If you are looking for a great household pet and companion, go and breed Vizsla dogs.