Viszla rescue centers are built to help abandoned and neglected viszlas and ensuring that they are well-cared for. There are various circumstance surrounding the abandon and neglect of these dogs. Owners may realize that keeping a dog is not meant for them. They either abandon the dog or surrender it to an adoption center. Not all dogs that reach the rescue centers are fortunate enough to be in good condition. Most of them are hurt or go through so many traumatic experiences that it robs them of energy and vitality. These dogs need to find a new loving and nurturing home but before that they have to be kept and rehabilitated in Viszla rescue centers.

There are several processes involved in Viszla rescue operations. First, they collect the abandoned and neglected Viszlas. Rescue centers accept voluntary turnover of Viszlas from owners that cannot take care of the dogs. Others respond to reports of any maltreatment of these dogs. Personnel involved in the collection of Viszlas are oriented and trained properly in handing Viszlas that are hurt physically and emotionally. Once in the center, the volunteers facilitate the care and necessary treatment of the Viszlas. These volunteers have to be well-trained because there are even some instances where the Viszlas have terminal illnesses like cancer. Rescue centers have veterinarians for these cases but volunteers have to learn how to care for sick dogs too. They will also learn the basics of spaying and neutering.

Aside from the physical care and treatment, Viszlas will have to undergo rehabilitation in terms of their socialization skills. Some dogs that have gone through severe maltreatment will have difficulty in interacting with other pets and dogs. Volunteers have to be patient and careful in handling these dogs.

On top of caring for these dogs, the volunteers have to search for new homes for the dogs. They will entertain interested parties but they will also build their own list of possible homes for the Viszlas. These volunteers are very particular and meticulous in choosing new homes. The viszla deserves a better second chance in life. New owners will be interviewed thoroughly. Volunteers will assess if they are deserving and ready to keep their own dog. Interested and possible candidates will also be given a background on viszlas and how to care for a dog. When the right owner is matched with the right dog, the volunteer will facilitate in turning over the dog to its new home.

Working in a Viszla rescue center is rewarding. If you want to work as a volunteer, make sure to arm yourself with commitment and patience.