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interesting and useful...

May 27, 2013

A very interesting and useful guide.

D.Cookson, Wakefield Yorkshire UK

useful when dealing with a stubborn dog...

May 27, 2013

I have found the book very useful when dealing with a very stubborn bread of dog.

S.Blevins, High Point, North Carolina USA

Storm is getting better...

May 27, 2013

Needed lots of help. Storm, our dog is still very naughty in lots of ways but is getting better thank you.

Paula and Jim, Birmingham England

very useful source of information...

May 27, 2013

A very useful source of information. Great for new vizsla owners, thank you.

Gary Bistodeau, Great falls Mt US

email support is a comfort...

May 27, 2013

There are many things you go through with a puppy. Many times I do not know how to handle each situation. Your email support is a comfort that I have a place to ask a question and get help.

Lynn & Jim Oliver, Scottsdale AZ USA

Vizsla Savvy taught me how to help my puppy...

May 27, 2013

Vizsla Savvy taught me how to help my puppy get over his fear of his kennel and being left alone. He now finds his kennel as a safe place and knows that we are always going to come home to him!

Stephanie, Livermore Falls ME USA

it reminds me to keep going...

May 27, 2013

I love to hear about how to do things even tho they seem basic it reminds me to keep going and give my “Cleo” the stimulation she needs daily to become a well rounded , well behaved adult dog! Thank you.

Donna, Cheektowaga NY USA

extremely useful...

May 27, 2013

I find Vizsla Savvy to be extremely useful, being a newly adopted human of 2 puppies!

LJ Herr-Schon, Williamsport PA USA

Full of helpful advice and tips...

May 27, 2013

Great book! Full of helpful advice and tips! Made having my Daisy a wonderful experience!

Debi Morris, St. Francisville Louisiana USA

it makes it much more useful...

May 27, 2013

Because the support is breed specific it makes it much more useful because you know it applies to your breed.rn

Jacqueline D., Cwmbran Gwent Wales, UK

invaluable tips on every page...

May 27, 2013

As a virgin Vizsla owner I found invaluable tips on every page!

L.Wallace, Limerick Ireland

find the emails very helpful...

May 27, 2013

We find the e-mails you have sent to us very helpful Thank you so much.

Tom Seatz, Saukville WI USA


May 27, 2013

I have found the email of details like the stay command invaluable. Small pieces of information that i can apply and remember is good training for me as the dog owner. thank you.

Kate Idiens, london Uk

an excellent guide...

May 27, 2013

This is an excellent guide to get you off to a great start with your vizsla.

Pete Rinaldi, Voorheesville New York USA

I now know what I have to do...

May 27, 2013

Hi I had to buy Vizsla Savvy as i had always wanted this breed dog. I had looked at loads of books and web sites but nothing out there told me what i didn’t already know. This book has been a great friend as i have learnt so much from it also the constant emails and advice i get really helps to. I wanted to be able to know everything about my pet in order to help me understand his needs so we could have a great life together. This book really helps as i now know what i have to do when i get problems and how to solve them. All in all this is a fantastic book.

Dave Houghton, Lowestoft Suffolk England

helped my confidence...

May 27, 2013

It confirmed a lot of what I know about the Dog and helped my confidence in my belief I had done a good job with my Vizsla.

Peter Kenna, Wexford Ireland

no longer have to clean up messes...

May 27, 2013

I found it to be very handy especialy since i have never house broken a dog. Thanks to vizsla savvy I no longer have to clean up messes. Thank you so much.

Mirna C., Jal New Mexico

It works. Simple!...

April 3, 2013

It was a different approach to some areas of training from some of the other books I have read. I felt like I was training my pet and not trying to train a show dog, which was how I felt with some other books I have read. LIke other have said it is very easy to consume and use so it works. Simple!

Tony Waldron Taupo New Zealand

very clearly written...

April 3, 2013

I found Vizsla Savvy when I was looking for information on the breed since we were committing ourselves to purchasing a puppy. Previously, I rescued an older Vizsla and pretty much flew by the seat of my pants. This book is very clearly written and has been helpful.

Roberta Maben New York United States

provides important information...

April 3, 2013

Vizsla Savvy has been useful. Having had 2 Vizslas before, I wasn’t sure I’d learn very much new, but I did! For novice owners, particularly, Vizsla Savvy provides important information that can make living with a Vizsla much more enjoyable for both pup and owner.

Linn McKenry Wilmington Delaware USA

very complete and useful...

April 3, 2013

Vizsla Savvy is a very complete and useful guide, it covers everything you need to know as a dog owner to obtain a happy, healthy and obediant dog.

Geneviève St-Colomban Québec Canada

wealth of information...

April 3, 2013

I like that you can read at your own pace and there is always a wealth of information coming my way.

Clare Maurer Eastleigh Hampshire England

only book that was specific...

April 3, 2013

When we searched the internet for training techniques Vizsla Savvy was the only book that was specific to Vizsla’s and the training style we liked. We look forward to using your information to raise a happy and fun dog.

Bruce & Lisa Thompson Gresham Oregon USA

Spot on...

April 3, 2013

Spot on info and tips just for Vizsla Savvy

Sandra Silver Spring MD USA

purchased 15 different books...

April 3, 2013

The information cannot be found anywhere else, and I have purchased about 15 different books on Vizslas. The book is full if information and very easy to understand for beginner to advanced Vizsla owner.

Dan Noordzy Staten Island New York USA

already been making a huge difference...

April 3, 2013

Having a well behaved, well trained dog is important to me. Thus, I have been striving to learn as much about dog training as I can for my two dogs, Otto and my Scottish Terrier Mungo. I have worked a lot with both of them and we have come far. Even my husband will compliment me on my training of them as well as strangers saying how well behaved they are, makes me feel good. However, they are not perfect and we could all use some more training. I had them out for their daily walk and another dog was coming in the opposite direction. I have been working with Otto on ignoring other dogs and he had been doing well, until this day. He has become so stronger, he can pull my husband across the floor, even at his heaviest weight, 165. A little reference for just how strong Otto is. So, when Otto decided to lung forward at the other dog, I had no chance. I am not sure if Mungo also got under my feet or what, but I went down. I had road rash on both hands pretty bad, my elbows, and then bruising on on my elbows, knees and hips. I knew what I was doing was not working and I needed some more help. I happened to stumble upon your site and have been reading the book and emails here and there, going to school full time, I do what I can. It has already been making a huge difference for Otto, just the little I have done, and even Mungo. Once I am finished with school I will have even more time to devote to their training and they will be great dogs, better dogs than they are now. Thank you for writing such a great book!

Jenn West Haven Utah

difficult issues...

April 3, 2013

We found the information very usefull. Even having a Vizsla in the past, we were able to see where we made our mistakes and avoid them this time round. Also helped with a couple of difficult issues we had not seen before.

Heather Williamson Waynesville NC USA

sets this guide...

April 3, 2013

I found Vizsla Savvy to be very helpful; being so specific about the Vizsla breed sets this guide apart from the general dog books out there.

Paul and Anna Richmond Tasmania Australia

for new and old Vizsla owners...

April 3, 2013

Good for new and old Vizsla owners. There is alot of useful information for those unfamiliar with the breeds unique behavior or having behavior/training problems.

Donna Geiger Conowingo MD USA

I'm not alone...

April 3, 2013

I am a first time Vizsla owner and I don’t know anyone who has one. Your information and the regular emails make me feel like I’m not alone and they always seem to show up just when I need a bit of advice and am ready to tackle a new challenge.

Linda Lewis Center Ohio USA

almost idiot proof...

April 3, 2013

I found Vizsla Savvy to be well put together ,giving the right amount to each topic, that it is almost idiot proof (but we are talking about Vizsla here who bring a new level to stubbornness.

Morris Parmenter Peterborough Cambridgeshire United Kingdom

Could not find any information...

April 3, 2013

I adopted an adorable Vizsla, but new nothing about his breed. They are definately different than retrievers, labs, etc that I have raised! I could not find any information that was useful about them until I found Vizsla Savvy! Thank you!

Kari Hefnider Andover MN USA

Highly recommended...

April 3, 2013

great comprehensive guide. Highly recommended.

Steve Chau Hobart Tasmania Australia


April 3, 2013

Whatever is written in Vizsla Savvy, is exactly what we see in Bella. Amazing!

Svet/ or Tzvetan Ilkov Chicago Illinois USA

training my dog correctly...

April 3, 2013

I have read Vizsla Savvy and truly found lots of advice helpful, but most of all it confirms that I am training my dog correctly.

Wayne Warmington London ON Canada

enjoying learning tricks already...

April 3, 2013

My puppy is only 9 weeks old, but already the tips and tricks found in the book have been so helpful and we are enjoying learning tricks already!

Elaine Jones Kent G B

it works...

April 3, 2013

Did a search on Vizsla .Found Vizsla Savvy liked what it said. And it works.

Gary Flanagain Rockwall Texas USA

very helpful ...

April 3, 2013

Had many dogs over the yrs but never had such a stubborn strong willed dog needed to learn and understand the bread. Also very difficult to train when u have another dog so very helpful on do’s and dont’s of owning and training two dogs.

sandra brunton Cotati California USA

learned MORE since I started reading...

April 3, 2013

I love this book so much. I wish I had had access to this information TWO dogs before!!! My dog will be one year old this month and he has learned MORE since I started reading Vizsla Savvey than in his first 8 months!

Beverly Thompson New Braunfels Texas USA

good info at a price that can't be beat...

April 3, 2013

Having owned a dog of another breed before owning a Vizsla, I was looking for something that was tailored specifically to Vizslas. After doing weeks of searching on the Internet, I settled on Vizsla Savvy; it’s got good info at a price that can’t be beat.

Joshua M. Middletown PA United States

made sense...

April 3, 2013

It was really useful to get the weekly emails as it was something different to work on and we looked forward to receiving them, things also made sense about and are so true of our dog.

Jane Dawson Lee-on-the-Solent Hampshire United Kingdom

you get results...

April 3, 2013

Vizsla Savvy is very very comprehensive and the Emails are the perfect way to spoon feed information! You are more likely to read when the information gets broken down. This way you get results quickly. Very clever!

Nicola Miami Shores FL USA

great info...

April 3, 2013

Lots of great info about a wonderful breed of dog,So happy we chose this breed!

John Kaczorowski Massapequa NY USA

would of given him back...

April 3, 2013

Sparticus still has a home… without your book and e-mail advice we probably would of given him back to the rescue group we adopted him from. They are very unusual dogs who need special handling and care. But worth the effort with your help…so sweet, loving, and a great friend to our other dog max, a lab. thank-you and look forward to your on going advice and support. Debbie

Debbie and Paul Colagiovanni Fresno California USA

worth the investment...

April 3, 2013

Vizsla Savvy has been a great support and I’m sure will continue to be so, worth the investment to have access to advice experience and understanding, thanks.

Sue and Dave Sawyer Woolavington, Bridgwater Somerset u.k.

I am very glad...

April 3, 2013

I was looking for information that would help me deal with the issues that go with raising a young Weim. I am very glad that I found Vizsla Savvy – it is like the “Dr. Spock” manual for raising Vizsla.

Pat P. Lake Villa IL USA

related to my problems...

April 3, 2013

Needed help with my dogs badly after a lot of searching found this book and am i glad i did easy to understand and related to my problems with my dogs great to have this and you also get on going support what more could you want.

ann manchester lancashire United Kingdom

things that work best...

April 3, 2013

This book is extremely helpful in recognizing the individuality of the breed and the things that work best when trying to train them. It also informs the owner as to why some things need to be different for Vizsla’s and you will achieve a better result for you and your dog.

Anastasia Walker Port Pirie South Australia Australia

covers every possible area...

April 3, 2013

I was looking on breeder sights about Vizslas and Vizsla Savvy popped up and I read the info and thought how important it would be to have this info ahead of time so I didn’t make any errors with the puppy that would upset him or get him off to a rocky start the info u provide covers every possible area I could think of and is very helpful as I want him to be a happy well adjusted family member. We have got of t a fantastic start thanks to you!

Teri Schubert Fresno Ca Usa

well structured and works well...

April 3, 2013

I am a very early member to Vizsla Savvy. I can only say that so far I am very impressed in the way the on-line advice and detailed suggestions are well structured and work well.

Mr. Alwyne Plunkett Barrowford Nelson Lancs. U. K.

easier and more fun...

April 3, 2013

Vizslas are a unique breed and it is great to read a book specifically aimed at them. It is easy to follow and the step by step information is simple to use. Makes owning a Vizsla easier and more fun.

Cindy Plant Melbourne Victoria Australia

so grateful...

April 3, 2013

I am just so grateful to find a product that is specific to Vizslas and offers great tips and help.

Sharon Kelsey Mount Gilead Ohio USA

will help anyone...

April 3, 2013

I have found the book and e-mail service very useful. The book is packed with useful and interesting information that will help anyone finding difficulty training their pet as Vizsla owners know how willfull and even destructive their pet’s can be. The e-mail service is really good but think if it could be improved if you received fortnightly rather than monthly

Anne Marshall Airdrie North Lanarkshire Scotland

best thing I've bought...

April 3, 2013

I am always looking for information on Vizslas and was excited to see something dedicated to specific training for the breed. It’s been the best thing I’ve bought on the breed. I have 2 Vizslas a male and a female. They respond very differently. This has helped a lot.

Robbie Hickman Brookshire Tx Usa

Excellent results...

April 3, 2013

Vizsla Savvy is excellent because you know the traits and personalities so intimately, it often feels like you are describing my own dog. An excellent guide gives excellent results.

Noelle Sheehan Rylane Cork Ireland

Very Effective!...

April 3, 2013

My young Vizsla was boisterous and Vizsla Savvy showed me of how to handle this and other problems easily. Very Effective!

Joanne Hunter Bourne United Kingdom

easy to train...

April 3, 2013

I fell in love with this little girl at the rescue center. I have owned Dobes for 30 years. After bringing her home everyone kept saying are you nuts? Do you know how difficult she will be so I started searching for information on the breed. I found your site and thought it couldn’;t hurt for check it out. Vizsla Savvy been most helpful in letting me know I am not nuts. Lucy is truly a beautiful, smart and fun dog and easy to train thank to you guys. Thanks for the insight.

Kathy Louderback Deerfield Beach FL USA

Thanks you guys...

April 3, 2013

I am a mommy of 5 kids, and 3 dogs, one poodle (5 and a half years old and 2 Vizsla puppies only 3 months old. I really learned a lot about my puppies just by studying Vizsla Savvy. So many people warned me about Vizsla being, suborn and very naughty. With the help of this wonderful book, I can truly say, that my puppies, really are 2 good babies, they listen well, love every one in the family, everyone loves them and they truly are very clever dogs. Thanks you guys.

Annemarie Nel White River Mpumalanga South Africa

finally started to make progress...

April 3, 2013

I bought a Silver Lab. Have owned Labs all my life but was making no progress. Looked up Vizsla and discovered that is what she really was. Then found your site and finally started to make progress with her. Thank you.

Sam Brentano Sublimity Oregon USA

save my relationship...

April 3, 2013

Vizsla Savvy has helped save my relationship with my dog! My parents where ready to get rid of her!

Rebecca W Stratford ontario canada

Instrumental in a fun, social and well trained dog....

March 22, 2013

I found Vizsla Savvy when I googled about information on Vizslas. I have had 2 Vizslas before, the last one being a rescue, so when I was getting a new puppy I wanted to make sure that I was doing all I could to make him a fun, social and well trained dog. Vizsla Savvy has been instrumental in me achiving this. I only wish I’d had this sort of help with my 1st rescue as the ease and joy of owning this breed is so much better.

Peter Evans, Leeds, UK

Always comes when he is called...

March 22, 2013

One of the main reasons I chose a Vizsla was because we love hiking and I wanted an active and athletic dog. Unfortunately, KC decided that he wanted to do his own explorations and on a couple of occasions I was left looking for him for over 2 hours – I really thought we’d lost him. Thanks to your training tips and advice KC really listens to me now and always comes when he is called now. Thanks!

Matt Bloomfield, Northumberland, UK

Well behaved Vizsla to be proud of...

March 22, 2013

Vizsla Savvy was helpfull in that it gave me alot of information on a broad range of issues that I have been faced with as a first time dog owner. Ii have refered to it during different stages of my puppys development to make sure I am doing everything correctly and in the best possible way. It has help me quite a bit and I now have a well behaved and social Vizsla I am very proud of.

Abbie, Melbourne, Australia

A completely different dog...

March 22, 2013

Until I read Vizsla Savvy I didn’t realize quite how important pack hierarchy is to Vizslas – or how easy it is to allow them to be top dog! Since we’ve been following your advice, Scout has been a completely different dog. We have made more progress in the last week that we have been using your techniques than in the last 4 months of puppy classes.

Amanda Hammond, Tucson AZ

I Know How He’s Feeling And How To Respond To His Behavior...

March 22, 2013

Hi there. I normally can’t be bothered to give feedback on books I read but in this case I felt I had to pass on credit where credit’s due… It was great to find a guide just about Vizslas and I really feel it’s made a huge difference to my relationship with Charlie. I’d say I can read his mind, know how he’s feeling and how to respond to his behavior. He’s turning into such a lovely dog and I can’t imagine life without him or your advice.

Hannah Milbrook, Cleveland, OH

My Vizsla Can Sit, Stay & Come!...

March 22, 2013

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that after just 4 short sessions with my 8 week old Vizsla pup ‘Archie’ he can now sit and stay on command and without hesitation. He also comes when he’s called! Your step by step training lessons are so easy to understand for me and ‘Archie.’ I am so proud of him and myself. Your guide makes looking after him a real joy. Thank you so much.

Carol Fancy, TX

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